Round 1 Competition plus Drift Challenge 2019 Includes Saturday and Sunday - $250.00

June 15th, 2019

08:00AM - 05:00PM

16650 Midway ranch road, fountain, CO

This allows you to race both days, Saturday and Sunday plus drag race and camp! $150 early bird ends June 7th Enter code "early" at checkout. NO refunds for this registration $200 6-8 to 6-14. Enter code "almost" at checkout. Codes are case sensitive!!!! $250 at the gate $40 at the gate drag race or course "C" (8pm- midnight) Saturday only Two drift layouts all day, third special course "C" from 8-midnught during 1/8 mile drags. Gates open at 8am Saturday and close at 5pm Sunday! More details to come


8AM Gates open
8AM to Noon Tech at the After Hours booth
9AM to 6PM Course “B” open
8PM- midnight Course “C” Hotlapping course
8PM-midnight 1/8th mile drags (closed for sickest entry contest)
10-10:30 Sickest Entry on Course “A”
8PM-whenever  “Shop Party”-- Music, dancing, and beer
6PM-10PM Colorado’s best cars showcased outside the “Shop Party”
Course “A” schedule for Saturday
9AM-12PM open practice
12PM-3PM Qualifying OR open practice
3PM-4PM Tandem ONLY practice
4PM-6PM Singles competition
6PM-8PM Tandem Competition and Awards
8PM-10PM closed for drag racing
10-10:30PM Sickest Entry
 Sunday Schedule
9AM-4PM course “B” open drift
9AM-11AM Course “C” open drift /hotlapping
11AM-noon Course “C” Drifter challenge practice
Noon-1PM Course “C” Drifter challenge Competition
1PM-2PM Course “A” Drifter challenge practice/qualifying scores
2PM-4PM Course “A” Open Drift

Drifter Challenge

$20 cash entry at the event, Winner takes all

Determines the best overall drift car. Car must Drift, Drag, and road course on the same tires.  Once you pay for the challenge, your selected tires will be marked by a DC staff member.  These tires must be used for all three sections.


Drag Racing:

1/8th Mile no prep

Drag pass must be made between 8-10PM Saturday. Start line DC staff must be notified that this is a qualifying pass so that the time will be recorded.


Drift section:

A scored single run like qualifying.  This will be done on Course “A” on Sunday Immediately following the completion of Road course section.  You will get one practice run followed by two judged runs and the highest score will be counted.


Road course:

Will be ran on Course “C” on Sunday at 12 PM.  You will get as many practice laps as you want 11 to NOON.  Qualifying time will be a combined score of three consecutive laps.  You will get one full lap and the timer will start when you cross the start/Finish line.  You will then drive 3 laps as fast as possible and the timer will record your combined time.  This time will be used as your competition time.  Cones knocked down will add 2 seconds per cone.


All Times and scores will be indexed.  Meaning the “best” of each category will be given a score of 100 and the subsequent scores/times will be compared to this.  Example:  Fasted time is 90 seconds on Course “C”.  The car going 90 seconds will receive 100 points.  The car running 95 seconds will get 94.7 points (90/95*100).  Highest possible score is 300 points.

Sickest entry contest

$5 per run

Winner gets the pot.  Crowd Judged.

 10-10:30 Saturday night

Driver will enter on the Pro layout Course “A”.  Must initiate at the wall or sooner and complete the entire bank and make one full transition through “the Wall”.  The remainder of the course will not be judged.