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Drift Colorado was started by a group of local drift enthusiasts nearly 20 years ago.  It has continued to have an enthusiast vibe that maintains the camaraderie between drivers and spectators.  While we now offer a full championship competition series, we still tailor the events to allow a first time driver to come out and have the time of their life.  Each event is an “all skills” type event allowing the perfect mixture of new drivers all the way to a few of our very own local PRO2 Formula Drift drivers.  With a VERY wide array of cars and styles, there is always something exciting to watch and fun for the entire family.  The future of drifting in Colorado looks promising with growing numbers of drivers and spectators.  Hope to see you out there soon!

Levi Wait with his kids

Levi Wait is a Chiropractor at his 9 to 5, a Dad and husband at night, and a gear head at all other times.  He has been into cars from day one with his first frame off restoration at the age of 15. He still owns that vehicle!  After being an active participant/competitor in the local drift community since 2009, he began managing Drift Colorado in 2015.  He even made a couple rookie appearances in the early 2000s with his M3 on 19s (hey, we all started somewhere).  Since 2015, Levi has been working on growing and expanding the local drift community with different tracks and public awareness.  He brings his professionalism to the management of the local series and hopes to make Colorado the “GO TO” spot for grassroots drifting.

 -“Just because you are educated, doesn’t mean you have to be boring”


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