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Thu, Jun 15



Drift Carnival $10K+ shootout presented by RevHard Motors

This is our 4 day big $$$ payout event with three tracks, night drift and more. This is a can't miss event.

Registration is closed
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 Drift Carnival $10K+ shootout presented by RevHard Motors
 Drift Carnival $10K+ shootout presented by RevHard Motors


Jun 15, 2023, 8:00 AM – Jun 18, 2023, 5:00 PM

Fountain, 16650 Midway Ranch Rd, Fountain, CO 80817, USA



Fathers day Drift carnival $10K+ shootout

Presented by RevHard motors

This event is packed full of exciting driving and spectating opportunities.  We have four days of driving on three course layouts, night drift, Drift Carnival Games, plus a specialty VIP area located on the INSIDE of the track layout for maximum exposure for spectators.

Thursday is Check in and Tech plus open drift on the south course (grassroots) plus the Main Bank course ($10k layout)

Friday is top 64 competition plus Grassroots (group B) Comp Friday night on the south course.  Then Night drift on the Infield layout from 9PM-1AM (In the event we do not have a full 64 driver bracket, Friday will be quailifying for competition on Saturday.  Qualifying would be a knockout style scoring system)

Saturday morning is top 32, Saturday evening is top 16, Saturday night is night drift!

Sunday is Drift Carnival Games (Parking, drag racing, water cup challenge, and more)

South course will be open ALL four days for as much driving as you can handle!!

$10k+ challenge rules (keep checking here for details)

-email a profile picture, a picture of your car, and a small informational Biography to for the live stream

-NO pro cars (past or present)- This means no cars that have competed as is in FD withing the past 3 years. Having an old car with a very different setup is allowed (like buying an old chassis and rebuilding it for Pro-Am level events is fine)

-Pro drivers welcome

-Pro-AM level tech requirements (full cage and safety equipment)

      Full 6 point or better cage with dual door bars (xbrace or nascar), race seat with race harness, Fire extinguisher(s) or suppression, Snell 2015+ helmet, full fire resistant clothing (no shorts or short sleeves).  If your car has passed any FD, LS Fest , or other larger scale event, you car will be fine.  If you have a specific concern, email us

-Payouts will be determined by the number of entrants.  The pot will grow with each registered driver. If we have a full class of 64 cars there will be a $20k payout!!!  We will cap driver entry to 67 cars.  NO qualifying. Friday drivers meeting will have a random draw for bracket placement. Should more than 64 cars actually stay running prior to the drivers meeting Friday, there will be battles (again random drawn) to enter into the top 64. Should there be less that 64 drivers, we will have knockout style qualifying on Friday instead

-265 tire rule will be in place.  This event is to showcase your skills, not how strong your rear diff is!

Specific Tech requirements can be found under the FAQ tab on the home page.

Group B NO BASH BARS allowed!!


  • $10k+ driver ticket

    If you plan to compete for the 10K+ payout, this is the ticket you need. VIP access included. Car must be fully caged with proper "Pro-Am" safety gear (seats, belts, snell helmet, etc) Camping in your pit is included within your designated 15x50 space. If you need a larger camping spot, you must also purchase a camping ticket. Power spots are optional for an additional charge for the weekend and are 30' wide.

  • Open Drift (Thurs-Sunday)

    This is open drift ticket for all four days. Includes Night Drift. Includes Group B Competition VIP access included. NO access to the Competition Bank layout.

  • Open Drift (Saturday & Sunday)

    Open drift for Saturday and Sunday ONLY. (South Course) NO access to the Bank layout. NO Group B comp Includes VIP access Includes Sat Night Drift (Infield layout)

  • Spectator All weekend

    This allows entry to spectate for the entire weekend! Come and go as you please. Camping pass is extra

    From $20.00 to $40.00
    • $40.00
    • $20.00
  • VIP Spectator Entry

    This is entry for all four days plus access to the VIP area in the center of the Track layout. This is the best immersive experience you can get without being inside the car! The VIP area is open for limited hours only. Guaranteed open for night drift sessions.

  • Spectator (Sat & Sun)

    This is entry for Saturday and Sunday only. Includes single car parking space ONLY If you need a larger spot to camp, you will need a camping pass.

    From $15.00 to $30.00
    • $30.00
    • $15.00
  • Drivers power spot

    This is an additional fee for DRIVERS for a 30x90' upgraded space with access to power vs the standard 15'x 50'. These are premium spaces right at the front near the main drive lanes. Camping inside your parking space is included. The space can be shared. Price is per space, not per person. Power (if wanted) will need to be purchased separately from PPIR when you arrive or at this link

  • Driver Camping

    This is a Drivers ticket ADD on. This does not grant you entry. This is for a guaranteed camping spot in the gravel on the south east side of the track. Your drivers ticket (purchased separately) will allow you to park next to your camping spot. Multiple people can camp in this spot but only one race trailer per spot. Approximately 15X30 Power can be purchased at the venue from PPIR or at this link

  • Tent Camping

    This is a ADD ON ticket for drivers or spectators. This is for a spot on the dirt on the north end of the track. Each spot is approximately 250 Square feet. You will not be able to park next to your tent here. This is only for tents not car camping.

  • Media

    This grants full access to the full event. You must bring your own bright vest and attend the media meetings. Email for credentials and Discount code.

  • Garage ticket

    This is a 24x30 garage spot. Please be respectful of your neighbors. There are 8 spaces available. You can split or share this space.

    Sold Out



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